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Re: Spurious character typed on console every ~20 secs until logged in

On 2018-03-29, <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx> <tomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 11:30:17PM -0500, David Wright wrote:
>> This has happened a couple of times or so in the past week:
>> On booting up, I get to the prompt to unlock my /home partition.
>> The first attempt fails, not because I mistyped the passphrase,
>> but because an extra ^@ character¹ was typed by the system.
> Bizarre. ^@ is (most probably) your terminal's way of spelling
> a NULL. Searching my brain extension (aka The Tubes) yields
> things:
>   https://superuser.com/questions/1254863/null-character-appears-on-its-own-in-tty
> Blamed on an NVidia -- seems even more bizarre. It might point
> you into a totally wrong direction.

I found another thread blaming the phenomenon on the "virtual lid
buttons" (whatever the hell those are)--workaround involved xmodmap:


Anyway hope this is not yet another of my wild geese.

> Cheers
> - -- t

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