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Re: how do you send mail to another user on a local debian machine

On 2018-03-29, Dan Hitt <dan.hitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Today i needed to send a message to another user on my debian box.
> I thought i'd just do what used to be the usual thing on a unix box:
> i compose-mail in emacs (control-x m), and drafted the text, and put
> in the other user's name in the To: line.
> I then hit control-c control-c to mail it, but was really shocked when
> instead of sending it off, instead, my firefox popped up, displaying
> gmail, and my text was loaded in, poised to send off.
> I can see that would be useful (and in fact, i'm using this method
> right now to compose this mail just to see if it will actually
> go through), but it's not at all something that i asked for.
> So . . . if you want to send mail to another user on your box, and
> you do not want it to get bounced around on the internet but only
> to go into some spool queue somewhere strictly on your local machine,
> how do you do it?
> TIA for any info!! :)
> dan

Using the mail command from the mailutils or bsd-mailx packages will
give you the behaviour you want.