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Re: How to execute user's scripts when upgrading a certain package via apt/aptitude

Hi Mikhail,

On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 06:29:06PM +0200, Mikhail Morfikov wrote:
> Is there a way to pass some extra commands/script to apt/aptitude so when the
> firefox package is to be upgraded, it would recreate the links automatically?

I've never tried it but looking at "man apt.conf" it seems that
setting Apt::Post-Invoke (or possible Apt::Post-Invoke-Success?)
might be useful to you, as you could use it to run a script that
checks that your firefox setup is as you want it.

Another option could be to build your own firefox package with a
post-inst script that does what you want, but given the size and
complexity of the firefox packages that is perhaps a bit ambitious.

Then, there is always the option of creating your own firefox
executable which is a script that checks your environment, fixes it
up if necessary, and then calls the real firefox binary.


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