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Re: apt{-cache,-get,itude} show wrong version of package after update

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On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 07:47:05AM +0900, Mark Fletcher wrote:


> I'm not sure if you really did what it sounds like you did here, but if 
> you did... you can't mix and match commands to apt-get and aptitude.

I think this is false, at least in such an unrestricted and
sweeping way. Apt (and apt-get, its younger cousin) and aptitude
are just front ends to dpkg and use the same data bases in
the background.

In particular...

> You did apt-get update so you need to use apt-get upgrade, or 
> dist-upgrade, or whatever the apt-get command is

...apt update and apt-get update are equivalent (as most
probably aptitude update is).

>                                             (I don't much use 
> apt-get, have switched to the apt command since upgrading to stretch).

Apt is just a friendlier front-end for apt-get: the command
outputs are not compatible (and you'll see a warning to that
effect in apt, aimed at those who want to use apt's output
in scripts), and aptitude has, AFAIK, some *extra* databases
to record user intention, and a different dependency resolver,
but the basic data sets (which packages are available, what
state each is in, etc.) are common.

> If you want to use aptitude upgrade, or dist-upgrade, or safe-upgrade, 
> or whatever the command is (embarrassingly I have forgotten, I used 
> aptitude for years _before_ upgrading to stretch) you need to first do 
> aptitude update.
> apt-get update followed by aptitude upgrade will lead to pain.

I don't think so: but I'm ready to be proven wrong!

- -- tomás
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