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Re: some questions about cfengine3

Morel Bérenger wrote:

> I am not really constrained about mass storage (I mean, embedding a
> Debian system on 1Gb is easy enough, and our systems does not have less
> than 4Gb) but on bandwidth, so I guess I'm better to go with the
> smallest (considering that no, python is not needed in our systems and
> so, absent), cfengine3 according to you?
> Also, I'm the only one at work which have ever heard of that kind
> of tools, so I'm basically free to take whatever I want, and I've never
> really cared about «coolness» of systems.
> If I could only work with softwares that are older than me and simple
> enough to not require updates every 2 months, I would be a happy coder.

I used cfengine like 10y ago. It was difficult to manage for large scale.
For ansible I create a local python3 environment (dedicated user) on the
controlling server and the rest is yaml and git. On the managed side it is
good to have minimal python, if you don't want to use the raw command, but
take advantage of higher functionality. I like the yaml syntax.
It works via ssh in my case. It is fast and simple to manage.
The advantage of python env is that you don't have to update if it works
(think of chroot).

Another project I worked on was using Saltstack, but IMO it is more
complicated (it also depends on python) and it has daemons running.
I don't have experience with puppet.

I hope it helped