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Re: How to shut down

Curt composed on 2018-03-27 16:42 (UTC):

> Siard wrote:

>> solitone wrote:

>>> # systemctl poweroff

>>> However, with the latter the system does shut down, although the
>>> machine does not power off (I have to physically press the off
>>> button).

>> Here, 'systemctl poweroff', as user or as root, does power off the
>> machine, both in stable and testing. So the question is why it does not
>> work in your case.

> That is the question. Yet I'm uncertain whether that question is amenable to
> an answer.

> I suffer from the same syndrome, no matter the method (shutdown -h now
> and poweroff as root, systemctl poweroff as user and root).

> This is a chronic disease for which the only cure might be a bios
> update (as I was informed by a kernel hacker here).

BIOS update solved same problem on a decade old HP desktop here last year.
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