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Re: How to shut down

solitone wrote:
> What's the current best practice to shut down the system? In the old
> days I used to:
> # shutdown - h now
> but then I read of the systemd way:
> # systemctl poweroff
> However, with the latter the system does shut down, although the machine
> does not power off (I have to physically press the off button). While
> with the former it actually powers off.

I'd go with "shutdown" being the best practice, since it does what you
want it to do.

If you *really* want to do things the "systemd way(tm)", maybe the
manpage will have something about actually halting / really shutting off
the power. I wouldn't know though, systemd is far too invasive for my
tastes; and I don't need all the "whizbang features" they claim will
help me out.

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