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Re: help identifying package for /usr/share/dict

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On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 11:18:05PM -0700, James Powell wrote:
> Hi Debian-user,
> I was referred here by reportbug, which says
> "If you don't know what package the bug is in, please contact
> debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for assistance."
> I have a bug to report (see emails below) against /usr/share/dict but
> I'm unable to identify the specific Debian package responsible for
> this file.  I looked at the source for wamerican and miscfiles and
> there's no obvious route from that source to the actual dict file.
> Please advise.
> yours truly,
>   James P.
> > From: Geoff Kuenning <geoff@xxxxxxxxxx>
> > To: powellj@xxxxxxx
> > Subject: Re: Ispell bug: mystery word 'ans' (common misspelling of 'and') in words
> > Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 19:48:51 -0700
> > 
> > I don't see it in my master dictionaries.  Apparently it's crept 
> > into the Debian dictionary.  "ANS" is a common acronym but I 
> > couldn't find a definition for it as a word.  So I agree that it 
> > shouldn't be there, but unfortunately I don't know who the Debian 
> > maintainers are.
> > 
> > > (This may be an emacs bug)
> > >
> > > System: linux
> > > Version: Other
> > > Conditions:
> > > 	
> > >
> > > Description:
> > > The words file in /usr/share/dict (which you may not maintain, 
> > > but I'm
> > > at a loss to find the maintainer) in Debian 9 includes the 
> > > mystery
> > > word 'ans'.  This is a common misspelling of 'and' and isn't in 
> > > my
> > > English dictionary, so I'll agitate for its removal.

I fear /usr/share/dict itself is too unspecific to nail down one
(or a small group of) package(s).

A rough statistic:

  apt-file search /usr/share/dict | sed -e 's/^\([^:]*\):.*/\1/' | sort -u | wc -l

hints at about 144 packages which have files there. From the
quoted text in your mail one might get the impression that
it's one of the ispell packages (the different languages for
ispell come in extra packages called something like "iswedish"
or "ibritish-small" or "ibritish-insane", so I'd first look
there). I guess there's some work to do to reduce the potential
list of packages to the one in question.

FWIW, I'd double-check that "ans" really doesn't exist: at
least, the English wiktionary [1] lists it as "plural of an",
which is "the first letter of the Georgian alphabet, ა".
Exotic, but hardly non-existent ("she silently wrote three
ans on the wall before leaving the room" ;-)

FWIW(2) my (pretty thin) /usr/share/dict has no "ans" in
its files (there's only american-english there at the moment).

- -- tomás
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