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Re: Update: Re: Password Manager opinions and recommendations

On Mon, 26 Mar 2018 21:02:48 -0400 rhkramer@xxxxxxxxx said:

> Thanks to all who replied! 

You are welcome. :)

>    * I also like the approach suggested by Abdullah Ramazanoglu (and
> the somewhat similar Diceware), but I almost didn't find the emails
> from Abdullah-- for some reason my email client did not receive
> them--I've done a search of all the local email files (on my
> computer) (including trash, which I have not emptied in the last
> several days), and I've searched the Google email spam, trash, and
> all folders.  I'll be digging into this and possibly seek help in a
> new thread.

That maybe because I am not subscribed to the mailing list?

I use a news (nntp) client and read/post messages through an nntp server
- mailing list gateway (gmane.org) However, my posts to news server
nntp.gmane.org are forwarded to the mailing list by Gmane (and vice
versa) and then distributed by lists.debian.org mailing list manager to
everyone subscribed, so you should have received them (not directly
from me, but) from the mailing list.

Or I might have possibly misunderstood the actual problem.

Abdullah Ramazanoglu