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bluetooth not working

I'm unable to output sound to my bluetooth loud speaker.
It's not a hardware problem, as it works perfectly on Windows 10.
here is the ouput of bluetoothctl (the LS device is 57:88:14:78:8A:48)

   Discovery started
   [CHG] Controller 3C:95:09:46:D6:74 Discovering: yes
   [CHG] Device 57:88:14:78:8A:48 RSSI: -52
   [CHG] Device 57:88:14:78:8A:48 RSSI: -37
   [bluetooth]# connect 57:88:14:78:8A:48
   Attempting to connect to 57:88:14:78:8A:48
   Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed
   [CHG] Device B0:34:95:41:6A:43 RSSI: -88
   [CHG] Device 57:88:14:78:8A:48 RSSI: -49

I also tried "pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover" with the following result

   Connection failure: Connection refused
   pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused

Any idea?

best regards,
Pierre Frenkiel