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Re: printer with static ip address inaccessible from lan

Curt wrote:
> On 2018-02-28, Dan Purgert <dan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Thomas George wrote:
>>> The printer has no physical control panel. I can only change the 
>>> settings if I can reach it through its IP address.
>> Many printers will print a "self-test" or "configuration" page when
>> holding the "online" button for 5-10 seconds.  
> [...]
> I suppose if someone a decade ago created a login ID and password for
> the web interface that the OP ignores, that could spell trouble.

Pretty sure most printers have a "forcibly reset" button combo too. On
my brother, it's "press and hold the big button on the corner whilst
turning on, hold for ~20 seconds". 

IIRC you know it's worked when it prints out a "default config" report.

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