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Re: printer with static ip address inaccessible from lan

On 2018-02-28, Dan Purgert <dan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thomas George wrote:
>> The printer has no physical control panel. I can only change the 
>> settings if I can reach it through its IP address.
> Many printers will print a "self-test" or "configuration" page when
> holding the "online" button for 5-10 seconds.  

This particular printer prints a Network Configuration report (mac and
ip address) by depressing the cancel button (when the printer's in ready
mode) for five seconds or so.

There is a utility installed with the proprietary linux driver for
changing the printer's ip address.

If the proprietary driver hasn't been installed, there is a SyncThru™
Web Service embedded in the printer, which can be accessed via its ip
address (see above), that allows manual network configuration.

Enter the machine's IP address (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) in the address
field of your favorite browser and press the Enter key or click Go.

You have to log in as the adminstrator; default ID and password:

ID: admin
Password: sec00000

It's all in the docs.

(Hope I'm looking at the right printer).

I suppose if someone a decade ago created a login ID and password for
the web interface that the OP ignores, that could spell trouble.

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