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Re: need help on cracking wireless password

Spreading the world by running fake news can be done everywhere : media

Female, military, french 'opinions_experiences' are short, empty, and work
like a bubble launched between 2 legs for hypnotizing the two others
forgotten between the ears.
 why all these outsiders, well respected, well payed, well satisfied, rich
& happy without any hurt in their whole life suddenly become outlaws ?
 because the bubble had a bug and shown them their real identity : ugly,
wrongly formed.

 The bubble has splashed and a mirror is born : a mirror lies like our
eyes do, the light removes all the dark point and replaces a shadow by a
pastel color.

The world is like that and the responsibility involve (> 50 %) the female

Subject: Re: need help on cracking wireless password
From: deloptes <deloptes@xxxxxxxxx>
Michelle Konzack wrote:

> Do you think the USA are better?

No I don't think it is better

> There are currently several 100 prisoners wihout trial in internation
> camps, Jornalists are disappearing, several enqueters are kiulled in
> different occasions... 911? Sadam and WMD? All are liar!
> And what is this current extra terrest shit?  USA, Russia, China?
> I am ex french military and menaced by the french government to shutup!
> I know a little bit more then you can imagine and what happen to me
> between 1983 and 2007 is definitively beyoud your mind!
> 1000s of files classified! (only in France)
> What about China, USA, Russia?
> They are planing to enslave the WHOLE planet!

Who are they? And by the way I think this is the wrong place to comment.

you can share experience and thoughts on my mail directly. I would love to
know more.

I can share what I have experienced between 87 and 2017. It might be not so
mindblowing as your experience, but I do not have any illusions regarding
the situation in which mankind is ATM.