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Re: printer with static ip address inaccessible from lan

On 02/27/2018 04:21 PM, Thomas George wrote:
I tried dnsmasq --dhcp-host=00:15:99:86:11:1F,CLP,

and the response was "failed to create listening socket for port 53: Address already in use." Tried several other final two digits with the same result. I even tried, the address the printer prints out on its Network Configuration Report and got the same response.

Perhaps I don't understand or am using the wrong dnsmasq option?

See if you can ping the printer, using the ip the printer prints on self-test. From console, type


(I haven't seen the next-to-last number being 2--maybe that's the problem.)

On 02/27/2018 01:29 PM, Reco wrote:

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 01:07:17PM -0500, Thomas George wrote:
apt-cache search dhcpd finds udhcpd. My pc's system is Debian Stretch. There
is a file /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf but no file /etc/dhcpd.
There's something wrong with your repository selection.
What you probably need is called "isc-dhcp-server". Or "dnsmasq". Both
can do "bind the lease to the MAC" trick.

Is it possible to access the printer and change  its address to one in
192.168.2.x or to reset it to use dhcp?
The printer manual here - [1], page 36, talks about talks about some obscure
trickery involving the browser and html files in

[1] http://uglyduck.ath.cx/PDF/printers/Samsung_CLP-320.pdf