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Re: flame,troll,spam was : ... for cracking a wireless password

>> (> as 90 percent ... .)
>> it is a kid point of view (troll).
> Stop abusing children as an example [utf8 error] for stupidity!
> Thanks.
A : "he plays as a kid"
B : "discrimination"
A : " are you sure to not need a psychiatrist ?

You are not very good in logical & in syntax : your reason failed.

Unfortunately you mix comparison and suggestion :
* wilco compares a group (whom deloptes should be one of a member) who
should think that everyone is an idiot for the others but not himself.

1°  i say that it is a puerile non-enlighten immature attitude : it is a
kid point of view.
2°  you answer that i suggest using a subtle manipulation of the mind/word
that all the kids think like that so every kids are stupid because the
word 'kid' should label a category (did i use the term stupid ?) : you
mis-interpret the sens & the logical of the sentence & the context : you
misunderstood and upset for that.

Kids have always & generally stupids views when they analyse (without
know, meet, a person) a mind, a mentality, a 'brain', a person in his
identity_personality : the real live is not a movie, a comedy, a theater
and the relatives/relations/books are not at all a reference (authorized
fictitious characters only).
The Adults are living in another world for a kid : not accessible.
One more again you mix imagination, sentimentalism & intellectualism :
this post is not about the capacity of a kid to feel , learn, do,
understand, or his affect/psyche as a group or as an individual person or
as a generic term.

- It is about insulting someone else as "idiot" (wilco sens : you know you
are arrogant, fascist (term used 60 years ago) & you are wrong because so
am i, i think you are less than myself - in short , the relativity laws
located inside a non-sens by using a "telepathic power through e-mail"
transmitting an influence about the conscience of the oppression for
obtaining a dangerous tolerance ! ) : even if we are idiot , it is not an
argument for "dealing with michelle topic/post.
- It is a kid genuine habit, a kid point of view, and a bad educated
- It is not a discrimination and it is true : kids are like that
especially when they speak about themselves (it is very near of a sexual
need no ?).
- It reflects nothing , you are doing a psycho-analyze for pregnant female
, a doctor's reflex ?
- It is not a negative aspect _ we are not speaking about sexual
orientation or intelligence.

minor or weaker ? a kid is not weaker/minor afaik and not a specie in
extinction : the status of 'kid' does exist.
minor = enough old to go in jail ?
weaker = enough strong to fight ?
You are trying to corrup the heart using false/fake arguments : fallacious
tendentious specious biased and disingenuous.;  that is an evidence of a
perverse spirit.

If you do not want such 'comparison_misunderstood', do not read it, do not
reply, open your own topic, and for the sake of the logical, language,
grammar & syntax ; learn the sens of the words before flaming and
criticizing and ordering ! (i am not a part of your group_family afaik).

> slow like a disabled person?, ?autistic reaction?, and the like.
* "autistic" & "disabled person" are written on the passport, identity
card, files & public/private confidential folders so hoping to not be
divulged / to not be a handicap is a naive opinion.

You can also ask my banishment for breaking the rules of the freedom of
speech : it is MY topic.

Do it !

and i do maintain & insist :

> (> as 90 percent ... .)
> it is a kid point of view (troll).