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Re: flame,troll,spam was : ... for cracking a wireless password

> > Stop abusing children as an “example” for stupidity!
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> ?
> what do you mean ?
> - that children must not follow the "example" of wilco (speaking about
> that you do not know/have is a troll lol) : 90% of idiots thinks that the
> others are idiots but not themselves ? is it a point of view of an "adult"
> , mature & educated ?
> - is it about my topic or the sentence 'kid point of view ' (troll) ?
> will you please clarify these point ?
> i do not understand your reaction, i am not the author of the "example".
> i repeat : only kids think that the others are stupid ('kid' is a polite
> term) it is the sens of the example (wilco).

What YOU say is something YOU say.

And what I mean is: Comparisons work both ways. If you say that a stupid
view is comparable to the general views of a child, then you are saying
that children generally have stupid views.

This is discrimination and apart from that, not true.

Same goes for „slow like a disabled person“, „autistic reaction“, and
the like. It reflects negative aspects on a (often minor or weaker)
group of people and discriminates against them.

I do not want to see such comparisons that discredit any group of people
fo rthe sake of argument on a Debian mailing list.


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