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Re: fvwm -- undeserved BAD PRESS

Richard Owlett writes:
> I have days (errrr actually hours) of experience with fvwm.
> Experts (<chuckle>) are telling me that significant mods to config files
> *MANDATORY*. bull!!!!!!!!!!

> Can tweaking config file(s) be profitable? -- Sure!
> Are they necessary? -- *NO WAY*!!!!!

Actually, you can use X with no window manager at all.  It's weird and
awkward, but it works.

But you've already started tweaking your fvwm config.  That's how it
works.  In a couple of years yours will be just as ornate as ours.

BTW I recently learned that the way to control Firefox is to call it
Gecko in Style commands.  It's a PITA because it ignores the standard X
command line arguments such as "-geometry", tries to be "clever" about
placing itself, and uses its title as a message window.
Style Gecko IgnoreGravity,  !UsePPosition
seems to beat it into submission.

John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA