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Re: Origin of /var/run contents

Dave Sherohman <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've just made my first foray into creating systemd service files,
> and, although I got them to work with manual startup, they failed
> miserably on reboot.  A short investigation revealed that this is
> because /var/run is not persistent across reboots.  (It's a link to
> /run, which is a tmpfs mount.)

> The service file runs a shell script which starts the actual daemon (a
> starman server).  The script runs as an unprivileged user, since we
> don't want starman running as root.  However, /run is only writable by
> root, so starman can't create its pidfile.

You need a config file in /etc/tmpfiles.d to setup a directory with the
correct permissions below /run. (Or, if the software is packaged, in

Sigmentation fault. Core dumped.