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fvwm -- undeserved BAD PRESS

I have days (errrr actually hours) of experience with fvwm.
Experts (<chuckle>) are telling me that significant mods to config files *MANDATORY*. bull!!!!!!!!!!

Can tweaking config file(s) be profitable? -- Sure!
Are they necessary? -- *NO WAY*!!!!!

The more I ask for meek user info (and receive *GEEK*speak), the more impressed I am with just how useful it can be *WITHOUT* any tweaks.

I'll admit to two mods:
 1. disposed of atrocious wallpaper.
 2. coerced visible font size suitable for tri-focal wearing

I'll continue to ask for "end user" oriented documentation.
I'll continue to drool over Geek Tweaks I get.

I'll continue to be impressed with what can be accomplished with fvsm -- "out of the box".