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Re: need help on cracking wireless password

Am DATE hackte AUTHOR in die Tasten: deloptes
> I think you also qualify for the psychiatrist.
> Why would you compare Russia/Stalin with Nazi/Hitler. You are a sick man.
> This is the type of propaganda I have been listening for about 25y
> already.
> I do not buy it anyway. In fact the so called free western world,
> especially the EU looks much like the USSR.
> You are naive. I wish both of you luck and enlightment.

Do you think the USA are better?

There are currently several 100 prisoners wihout trial in internation
camps, Jornalists are disappearing, several enqueters are kiulled in
different occasions... 911? Sadam and WMD? All are liar!

And what is this current extra terrest shit?  USA, Russia, China?
I am ex french military and menaced by the french government to shutup!
I know a little bit more then you can imagine and what happen to me
between 1983 and 2007 is definitively beyoud your mind!

1000s of files classified! (only in France)

What about China, USA, Russia?

They are planing to enslave the WHOLE planet!

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GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400