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Re: need help on cracking wireless password

Wilko Fokken wrote:

> You should rethink the Baltic social situation:
> If it hadn't been Stalin, who filled up the Baltic countries with his
> Russian invaders in order to keep control over these countries, but if it
> had been Hitler, who (after his victory) had occupied England and filled
> her up with his Nazi-invaders by about 50 percent in order to prevent the
> British from any further uprising – how should those leftovers of Hitler
> be dealt with today?

I think you also qualify for the psychiatrist.

Why would you compare Russia/Stalin with Nazi/Hitler. You are a sick man. 

This is the type of propaganda I have been listening for about 25y already.
I do not buy it anyway. In fact the so called free western world,
especially the EU looks much like the USSR.
You are naive. I wish both of you luck and enlightment.