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Re: An *operator's guide to fvwm?

On 02/26/2018 01:24 PM, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

Richard Owlett wrote:
Without *ANY* customization, how much more can fvwm do for me?

Without any customization by anybody it is quite useless.

It may have aesthetic problems. BUT
My real world needs (not glittzy desires) were handled by my:
  1. 8k Commodore PET with "Chiclets" keyboard.
  2. dual 8" floppy, 16k ram, 2MHZ Z80 S100 system.
  3. early production Kaypro 10.
Are you saying that current Debian encumbered with unmodified fvwm can not match the productivity of that list?

BTW I *do* have a sense of humor and/or absurd.
Will not admit to what relatives and friends say.

For perspective, I believe adding more than mate-core, marco, and Xsystem to a base CLI oriented base Debian install is overkill ;/

Thanks to all.
You may not consider my goals sane.
But you are giving me what I need.