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Re: An *operator's guide to fvwm?


Richard Owlett wrote:
> Without *ANY* customization, how much more can fvwm do for me?

Without any customization by anybody it is quite useless.

With reasonable customization by an initial ~/.fvwm2rc and some additions
by myself, it does for me:

- Add handles to the windows so i can move, resize, iconify them, and
  make them "sticky" to the glass of the screen.

- Define meaning of mouse buttons.

- Set background and create a first xterm after startup of the X Window

- Provide FvwmPager by which i switch between the 8 pages of my
  virtual desktop.

- Install FvwmButtons panel with FvwmPager, xclock, "Fvwm2" button with
  a master menu (very rarely used by me), and a button that creates
  xterms with bash sessions (often used).

- Define and perform my private definition of the MS-Windows keys
  of my keybard:
    Key Super_L A N RaiseLower
    Key Super_R A N RaiseLower

- Refrain from annoying me with xterm icons with fully active shell dialog:
    Style "XTerm"           IconOverride
    Style "XTerm"           Icon display.xpm

The rest of graphical programs is started by shell comands in xterms:
Web browser, PDF reader, own programs ...

Have a nice day :)