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Re: An *operator's" guide to fvwm?

On 02/26/2018 10:54 AM, Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2018-02-26 hackte Richard Owlett in die Tasten:
I am finding lots of information on detailed low level configuration:
e.g. <http://zensites.net/fvwm/guide/index.html>

I'm using almost a default install changing only the wallpaper and the
default font size for menus.

I'm getting swamped by too much fine detail. It's not only a case of
"not seeing the forest for the trees" but also "not seeing the trees for
the leaves"


#fvwm on <freenode.net>


Selecting from contents of items in your list:
1. https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-gui-list/1998-November/msg00074.html
   could be thought of as a HOWTO write what I'm looking for.
2. http://www.fvwm.org/documentation/faq/#what-exactly-is-the-difference-between-a-desk-a-page-and-the-screen
   is a sample of the writing style/format of what I'm looking.
As a bonus, it all but explicitly states that the "out of the box" configuration of fvwm solves my *PROBLEM*.

Without *ANY* customization, how much more can fvwm do for me?
Perhaps I should have used "good advertising copy" rather than _Owner's Manual_ or _Operator's Manual_ as an example of what I'm looking for.