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Re: An *operator's" guide to fvwm?

On 02/26/2018 10:17 AM, John Hasler wrote:
Richard Owlett writes:
Already had them bookmarked.  They, like
<http://zensites.net/fvwm/guide/index.html>, might be compared to an
_Owner's Manual". I'm looking for something more like an _Operator's

The target audience of what I'm looking for would have no need to edit
.fvwm2rc .

The target market for fvwm is people like me who want a sort of diy
desktop environment kit.

Yes but <grin>
I have a specific need. Might be served by KDE workspaces (ww?).
My my reading suggests Desktops of Pages in fvwm may be appropriate.
After wandering down some strange byways I got fvwm from Debian repository installed. It works out of the box.

I need an orientation to fvwm in its default configuration.
I beginning to suspect it may *WITHOUT TWEAKING* get the job done. Just not by any facility of the path I was contemplating. I.E. To get from Staten Island to Santa Cruz one need not use the Suez Canal.

If you want your window manager to do what you
want rather than what someone else thinks you should be comfortable with
you have to learn how to make it do what you want.  The more choices,
the more there is to learn.

I remember 026's as the normal input device and a UART was square inches of a double sided board.

BTW you should be editing ~/.fvwm/config if you are using the current
release.  The 2 was dropped from fvwm2 a long time ago and all fvwm
related files placed under ~/.fvwm with config being the default
configuration file.

That was a typo. I've been reading too much old documentation.