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Re: An *operator's" guide to fvwm?

Richard Owlett wrote:
>On 02/26/2018 09:23 AM, David Wright wrote:
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2018/02/msg00752.html
>> Two of the references there were straightforward to use when I posted
>> this, but now you'll have to temporarily accept an expired certificate.
>Already had them bookmarked.
>They, like <http://zensites.net/fvwm/guide/index.html>, might be 
>compared to an _Owner's Manual". I'm looking for something more like an 
>_Operator's Manual_.
>The target audience of what I'm looking for would have no need to edit 
>.fvwm2rc .
>I've already made some modifications to .fvwm2rc and have in mind some 
>more for which I'll be doing a detailed read of references I already have.

For most people, fvwm usage *is* at the level of editing the
config. Depending on the changes you might have made in the config, it
can behave massively differently to how it works for somebody
else. The default config as-shipped is basically just a bare-bones
example of what you might do with fvwm; it's a framework for you to
build your own desktop.

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