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Re: need help on cracking wireless password

Long Wind wrote:

> China is a different world than the free worldmore than 200 years after
> Declaration of the Rights of Man
> in 1789, we still don't have freedom of expressionbanning
> google/facebook/twitter are just some evidence i offer freedom of
> expression is sacredwithout it you lose many many rights
> i repeat jungle law holds true in Chinaon top of food chain is communist
> leadershipgovernment ask people to obey law,but government doesn't obey
> law, it's corrupted since government isn't ashamed of banning web siteswhy
> should i be ashamed of stealing(sharing) bandwidth? if i can talk with
> neighbors, topics like how tovisit banned web sites are more important and
> interestingthan bandwidth stealing prevention

Just do not have the illusion we on the other side live in free world with
freedom of speech and so on.
IMO it is even worse, because you think you have those basic human rights,
but in fact at the end you don't - well to some extent you have them, but
look at Assange or Snowden - if you pose danger to the people in power or
the system - you get shut down very quickly.

Why do you think here that governments obey law? Take as example Obama and
Merkel - both are 100% criminals.

To me the main difference are the people - there are definitely more
enlightened people here than in China. What China needs is more