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[RESOLVED] -- Re: Problems with clean install of fvwm

On 02/23/2018 05:46 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
I run MATE, but to paraphrase a restaurant - "I want Debian MyWay" ;)
It was suggested that I wanted what KDE calls "activities".
It looked promising. I installed it. It suffers from featuritis.
fvwm-crystal was also suggested. When installed it was in some sense "cleaner" but still too busy. Launched fvwm which had been installed by the fvwm-crystal package.

The problem
It had "inherited" configuration items from fvwm-crystal. The web pages I had read spoke of a default 1st run display. I could not figure out how to get that to appear.

Having adequate space available I used netinst to do a base command line only install to a new partition. It was followed by doing "apt-get install fvwm".

I rebooted expecting a minimal fvwm display. I got a command line.
I found that though a "/home/richard/.fvwm" directory had been created, it was empty. I couldn't find copies of what files should have been there on initial first run. Only instructions/examples for adding this or that doodad.

Help please.

Found the underlying problem.
The design team measures success in terms of "elegance" and "completeness".
There is a sub-class of "retail customers" {so to speak} who want it to "just work *as expected*" ;}

This example of that sub-class is by philosophy a "minimalist" and by circumstances "resource constrained". I have a single laptop {no need/desire/justification for LAN} who would not suffer if circumstances moved him back to using 56k dial-up.

I had used netinst to do a base command line only install followed by doing "apt-get install fvwm".

Didn't work. It needed "apt-get install xorg lightdm".

I've been gnawing on aspects of the problem since Squeeze.
The best idea I've come up with is having a tool that can author a custom preseed.cfg file. One of the goals being not to touch or affect the internals of the Debian installer.

Has anyone tried something similar?
An _owl_ now _ducks_ for cover :}