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Re: no audio

On Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 10:04 AM, Curt <curty@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have two sound devices--HD-AUDIO GENERIC (which corresponds to HDMI)
> and HDA ATI SB (Realtek chip which I use for sound output).
> Selecting the HDA ATI SB card in alsamixer (F6) was fruitless (although
> you can eventually unmute muted channels there to positive effect).
> I installed pavucontrol, and in the Configuration tab turned the HDMI
> profile off and the analog duplex output which corresponds to my Realtek
> chip on.
> As I have no speakers, in Output Devices I selected headphones (I do have
> headphones).
> I now have sound through the headphones.

Still nothing here.

pavucontrol was already installed, so I ran it. It came up in the
Output Devices mode. The window is labeled Volume Control, and it set
to Built-in Audio Digital Stereo (IEC958). There is only port
available: Digital Output (S/PDIF).

The Advanced choices is set, and greyed out, to PCM. There's a MPEG
choice, so I selected it to add that to PCM.

The speaker icon (Mute audio) has an 'x' in it. if I click that, the
level indicator goes grey (and is still labeled Mute audio), so I
clicked it again to un-grey the level indicator.

The indicator was up, at what looked like a default level: 100% (0db).
If 100% == 0db, something is very odd to this old audio engineer. 100%
is way above 0db. I raised it up some, to 123% (5.36db).

Below that, the RME Hammerfall is shown, labeled Multichannel Output.
I did nothing there. Maybe I should pull that card -- there's nothing
I can find in PA to select which of the ports to use.

The PA log messages are decent English words -- very nicely done. But
the user settings and the actions are amazingly badly done. As best I
can tell, they don't do what they say they're going to do, or maybe
they just don't have options I can understand (very possible).

I do hear mild clicks when I plug in the headphones, so somebody at
least has power (and what sounds like a small DC offset).

Still no audio in the cans.

Glenn English