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Re: need help on cracking wireless password

Am 2018-02-24 hackte deloptes in die Tasten:
> well if you outlaw a certain group of people


Fist of all, Estonia has 1.4mio inhabitants and
lesser then the city of Munich in Germany ;-)

Second, there are arround 600.000 russians in Estonia
and a signifikant number of them, refuse to accept Estonia.

Since this immigration was forced by Russia long time ago, the have  the
right to stay, BUT MANY OF THEM, refuse the estonian citizenship.   What
do you mean with Outlaw now?  That THIS russians do not have  the  right
to vote in Estonia and get access to things,  Estonian  and  EU  members

This NON-ESTONIAN russian have a special status (can  stay  without  any
limitations in Estonia) and a special ID and as long as  they  have  it,
they are considered russians.

There is not a singel country  on  the  planet  where  such  things  are

> it will become involved in
> criminal activities and as far as I know Russians become second class in

Being criminal is an indivudual choice.  Most russions do not contribute
to the estonian state (e.g. TAX payer) and andy businesses they  do  are
in cash and non declared...  This is a damage to the state!

> your "wonderful" country, while everybody in Europe is shouting for
> democracy and equal rights.

Russia is NOT part of the EU and if  certain  russians  feel  they  are
russians and refuse to accept the citizenship from the country in which
THEY WHERE BORN, they still stay foreigner!!!

They can be already happy, that the democracy  allow  them  to  stay  in
estonia freely!  Estonia does  NOT  kill  russians,  but  russians  have
eradicated more then 1/3 of the estonian population which is  DEFINITIVE

> it is pointless discussion.

Maybe, because you are one of the russian ST. Petersbug Troll Academy?

I know very well, how this russian trolls are working arround the planet
since many many years.

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