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Re: no audio

On 2018-02-23, Glenn English <ghe2001@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> buster -- recent update(s), SuperMicro box
> There's no audio, but there was a few weeks ago.
> In alsamixer, I've tried selecting the mobo sound chip (HDA Intel).
> When alsamixer comes up, it says PulseAudio is the selected card and
> chip. I change that to the Intel (the card is HDA Intel, and the chip
> is Realtek ALC888) and exit. No sound. When I bring up alsamixer
> again, PulseAudio is the card/chip again.

I upgraded from Wheezy to Stretch (via Jessie, via Jessie) and lost
sound in the process.

I have two sound devices--HD-AUDIO GENERIC (which corresponds to HDMI)
and HDA ATI SB (Realtek chip which I use for sound output).

Selecting the HDA ATI SB card in alsamixer (F6) was fruitless (although
you can eventually unmute muted channels there to positive effect).

I installed pavucontrol, and in the Configuration tab turned the HDMI
profile off and the analog duplex output which corresponds to my Realtek
chip on.

As I have no speakers, in Output Devices I selected headphones (I do have

I now have sound through the headphones.

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