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Re: no audio

On 02/23/2018 04:26 PM, Glenn English wrote:

I've heard that PulseAudio is the spawn of Satan, and I've used alsa
and its predecessor successfully for years with the mobo audio and
alsa with my RME Hammerfall card.

I haven't scoured to logs for errors yet...

Check your logs. I've used pulse for years with nary a burp in the barrel. Do you have pavucontrol installed?? If not, please do so. Use it to attempt to configure your sound card. Pulse sits on top of alsa. If alsa doesn't work, pulse doesn't stand a chance. I have the Realtek alc892 and alsamixer finds it without problems. Do you have some old edits to files like .asoundrc?? I do not have those files. Troubleshooting with a shotgun, Ric

p/s when you use alsamixer you want to see "OO" and not "MM" at the bottom of the volume bars. Use the 'm' key to switch the state and then the arrows keys to switch between outputs/inputs. "OO" means they are active and "MM" is muted.

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