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Re: Install or build an older gcc/g++ on new Debian (GCC backport)

On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 05:57:59PM +0000, Bas Ali wrote:
> Just to need help for what concerning to build or/and install an older GCC on a new Debian Distro (e.g 8.8 or 9.3)
> The goal is to be able to compile and build binaries on the New Debian with an older GCC to keep backcompatibility of binaries program previously built on Debian 7 (32bits Wheezy)  using the built-in GCC (4.7.2). Ideally the two binaries built from a Debian 7 32bits and from Debian 8 64bits will be the same byte a byte. 

Just install wheezy in a chroot and compile there, if you want to produce
programs that can run on wheezy.