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Install or build an older gcc/g++ on new Debian (GCC backport)


Just to need help for what concerning to build or/and install an older GCC on a new Debian Distro (e.g 8.8 or 9.3)

The goal is to be able to compile and build binaries on the New Debian with an older GCC to keep backcompatibility of binaries program previously built on Debian 7 (32bits Wheezy)  using the built-in GCC (4.7.2). Ideally the two binaries built from a Debian 7 32bits and from Debian 8 64bits will be the same byte a byte. 

At this moment I know that it possible (but maybe not the good solution ?) to build a 4.7.2 GCC source with the Built-in GCC of a Debian 8.8 (64bits Jessie) but it appears that for > 4.5 GCC there is a need to build too other packages (MPC, MPFR,..) separately (using some option to built on good directory).

Is this method bellow correct ? 
I think there will be the main libraries (libgcc, libc, libstdc++,.. ) to check for changes from previous version etc...

Do I need to install gcc-multilib because the 4.7.2 GCC was from a 32 bits machine ?
Do I need to add Multi ARCH  (e.g.: dpkg  --add-architecture i386) ?

Thanks in advance