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Re: Problems with clean install of fvwm


tracker.debian.org tells me that there is a default configuration file in
which is the download view of

It looks like a clean starting point for modification and enhancement.
I'd put it on disk as: ~/.fvwm2rc

Usage instructions 
  # The root menu will PopUp with a click in the root
  # window or using alt-f1 (or menu).

This menu is supposed to offer items like "Programs" and "XTerm".
>From there on it should be possible to edit the configuration and to
then choose "Restart" from the root menu to apply it.

(An early experiment could be to add
+      "I"     Module FvwmCommandS
 to StartFunction in order to be able to run shell command FvwmCommand
 for testing single fvwm commands.)

Have a nice day :)