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Anyone using AMD Radeon R9 270x under Debian other than vesa drivers.

As per subject I am trying to get something other than a basic single
screen screen running on this dual port GPU.

i've just finshed trying amdgp, radeon 7 ati drivers under wheezy and
stretch and it is a total wipeout. All ii can get working is a copied
default single screen under vesa driver.

I would prefer the open source, but on reverting to the AMD
proprietary, fglrx, it seems even that is now denied as Stretch no
longer meets the xorg conditions.

FYI. I've previously had a AMD HD7790 running earlier proprietary
driver. at this stage, it seems thatmy only alternastive to get this
working is to go proprietary under suppled packets for RH, Ubuntu, etc.