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Re: end of security support for wheezy LTS

On Tuesday 13 February 2018 17:02:10 deloptes wrote:

> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I wouldn't but they are running stretch just fine once I'd killed
> > light-locker.
> I upgraded last year my 10y old Geode with 256MB RAM from wheezy to
> jessie to stretch. As this Geode machine is 586 with a strange hd
> controller, I had to compiled and build the kernel package on stretch
> in chroot on a fat x86_64 machine - installed the package on the Geode
> one without an issue. I upgraded the kernel twice since then following
> same procedure - it takes just 15min to compile install and reboot.
> It took me however a whole eternity to find the right combination for
> the HDD controller and this was the blocker for a long time, so after
> I had the new kernel the upgrade was painless - except I left old grub
> as it can somehow not handle grub2.
> However I am not sure whats the status of your machines, Gene - you
> post very often bizarre issues.

The demands of linuxcnc on the kernel can lead one down some unexplored 
garden paths, running into all sorts of "bizarre" issues. The simulator, 
which is not complete, will run on a stock kernel. You can download that 
and run it on darned near anything except when you need motion control 
locked to spindle rpms. That generally rules out thread cutting as that 
takes feedback from a running spindle the simulation doesn't have.

> I think you are simply missing how good debian become since wheezy.
> regards

I agree Deloptes, debian's newer releases are generally better, if the 
ever increasing paranoia can be worked around. The major problems are 
with the difficulties in building and installing, a newer, realtime 
kernel for machine control usage, when the boot protocol is not grub 
like, and none of these modern whiz bang credit card sized offerings use 
grub to boot. I have sourced some docs on the u-boot process, intending 
to write a script that will install a realtime kernel such as 
v4.14.15-rt13 I've built on that rock64 in well under an hour, but I'm 
still walking thru the ayufan stretch image trying to discern which of 
the 4 paths to a good boot he took thru what at first looks like 4! (16) 
ways to do it that Mark Harris actually used. Its getting clearer, and I 
am starting to make notes, but I'm at  least a weeks worth of days from 
starting a script. There's stuff there thats probably GPT/MBR related 
but what is it? Gibberish to the untrained eye looking at a hexdump.

That, and fighting with my printer because theres no pdf of this doco,


only html, so I must strip and print the html to get a hard copy that I 
then have to read with a magnifying glass by the time I've reduced it to 
about 75% to keep the gfx diagrams from being cut off by the right edge 
of the paper. By then the text fonts are about 4 points high.  Thats a 
bit small for 83 yo eyes beginning to have cataracts.
But that is my problem, not this lists.

Thank you Deloptes.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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