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Re: end of security support for wheezy LTS

On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 02:28:51PM -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Those prices would appear to be aimed at a corporate setting, as opposed 
> to something that a retiree on SS might be able to afford, nor is the 
> plea taken as being aimed at me. IMO this is a mistake. I am well aware 

No, they'll happily take your $5 pledge, too.

What they are doing is telling you what it costs to hire,
approximately, 1.5 Debian developers. If you would like to
contribute towards that, great. If you can't afford to give
them any money, OK, they're still doing the work as long as
they can, and the LTS repo will continue to be updated until
they stop.

> would be able to make an annual donation of perhaps $100 toward the 
> expenses of the LTS. Tain't much, but how many other old farts like me 
> would be willing to do likewise?

They would be happy to get that, too.

> arm64 since there are now, shipping versions of arm64 out in the wild 
> for at least a year. I have 2 of the rock64's myself. Runs at about 3/4 
> the speed of this machine, which is a quad core phenom about 10 years 
> old, and once the drivers (dual mali gfx engines, high speed spi) have 
> been written, will easily take over from thousands of power slurping 
> wintel boxes controlling industrial machines.
> Thats a $44 card, with 4GiB of installed dram. You are going to get more 
> and more requests as folks take note of the rock64.

I'm pretty sure that there is no existing wheezy support for it,
so they are unlikely to port it. However, when LTS stops
supporting wheezy and moves on to jessie, they will probably
support jessie on arm64.

That said, why are you not running stretch (current stable) on
your arm64 machines?