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Re: end of security support for wheezy LTS

Gene Heskett wrote:

> I wouldn't but they are running stretch just fine once I'd killed
> light-locker.

I upgraded last year my 10y old Geode with 256MB RAM from wheezy to jessie
to stretch. As this Geode machine is 586 with a strange hd controller, I
had to compiled and build the kernel package on stretch in chroot on a fat
x86_64 machine - installed the package on the Geode one without an issue. I
upgraded the kernel twice since then following same procedure - it takes
just 15min to compile install and reboot.
It took me however a whole eternity to find the right combination for the
HDD controller and this was the blocker for a long time, so after I had the
new kernel the upgrade was painless - except I left old grub as it can
somehow not handle grub2.

However I am not sure whats the status of your machines, Gene - you post
very often bizarre issues.

I think you are simply missing how good debian become since wheezy.