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Re: 4 printer limit to cups printers is a debian limit, why?

On Tuesday 13 February 2018 03:47:50 Curt wrote:

> On 2018-02-12, Gene Heskett <gheskett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Do adequately describe the various jobs it can do, by selecting
> > the "printer" to send this job to, would need at least 8, individual
> > profiles setup in the cups menu's at localhost:631/printers.
> Your problem description is inadequate (exactly what you do and what
> happens or doesn't happen when you do it--error messages, etc).
> Have you flushed your cache and cookies in whatever browser you use to
> perform cups administration? Have you tried creating a printer
> instance from the command line? Have you stopped and restarted the
> cups daemon while simultaneously throwing a prayer up (or down to the
> devil is in the details)?
> Do you have 500+ print jobs pending (I have read there is or was a
> default max jobs limit set at 500)?

No jobs pending. Error_logs don't seem to be where the browser can find 
them. I know where they are so thats NBD.

I followed the plan I outlined in a previous message just now, 
successfully adding a 5th printer to do single sided glossy photo's and 
a test page had perfect color. I found that spaces are not allowed in 
the name, so used _ as hard spaces. The description suffers no such 

There are 2 or 3 more variations that would be handy to have available, 
and I am still trying to decode the actual effect of turning a color up 
and down, on plain duplex copy paper the color is I guess, doomed to 
be "pastel" and if you ask it to add a right edge header "pg 2 of 7" the 
7, while not off the edge of the paper, is quite washed out. Copy paper, 
the 6 to 9 dollar a ream variety soaks up ink like a blotter. You do get 
color, but not what you put in. OTOH, I've had it nearly 3 years, and 
I'm still on the original color tanks.

Due to the location internally of the usb input, putting it out of legal 
5 foot reach for a usb cable, I am using the network port, but thats 
either running at 10 megabit on a gigabit network, or it takes lots and 
lots of data to print a page. I claims lots faster than I've ever 
observed in pages a minute, more like minutes per page.

The scanner driver apparently try's several times to wake that up, the 
first 6 attempts have a bad tcp crc, which the scanner then ignores, as 
wireshark willingly tells me, then it changes tactics and sends good 
messages, so sane always has a 6 second startup lag. Go figure, maybe 
brothers attempt to cover all the bases.

This is somewhat of an unconventional bird of a printer as the paper is 
fed sideways. So it does, I assume in the brother supplied drivers, a 90 
degree page rotation when you tell it "portrait" in order to actually 
give a portrait format. The printhead actually sweeps up and down the 
length of the paper in every mode but tabloid, but you have to feed the 
tabloid into a slot in the rear, and keeping that free-hand feed 
straight is a trick. I've made a feed tray, but need a way to make it 
self supporting when its in position to feed a sheet, one at a time. 
I'll get something cobbled up eventually as the only time I use that 
mode is when printing the 8 to 12 up tabloid sized output from 
ps2poster, or whatever its called, generates from the rockhopper outout 

Thanks Curt.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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