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Create Debian package from multiple Git repos


we have a Debian Jenkins job, which clones four Git repos into:


The debian/rules is a bit old and contains a lot things, which could cleaned a bit.... Also out of this projects, we create two Debian packages. Both packages have more or less the same files (all bash/Perl), but with different options/names ... so after the first packages was created, the source has to be "reset" before the second package can created.

Instead of let Jenkins do all the git clone the jobs, I want to create a debian/rule file, which is a bit cleaner and make use of all new Debian package create stuff.

Can anybody show me, what is the good way, to clone all this repos, (git@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/<repo> and later we switch to Gitlab) and how to reset, after the first package was created ?

Nearly every howto shows only one GitRepo .... (debian/watch) / gbp ..

cu denny