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Re: libgparted bug.

Brian wrote:

>> I don't know what you mean, but I read and post to both lists
>> (user/devel)
> January was a busy time on the list.

I didn't have that impression if you mean TDE. It is a small community (at
least the posting part of it).

>> Unfortunately I upgraded long time ago from jessie to stretch and don't
>> know whats the status with wheezy.
> You mean - nobody has to stick with an outdated and unsupported wheezy?

I didn't say that, because everyone has the freedom to do what he or she
might thing is best.
I just referred to my experience, that I upgraded long time ago and can't
recall exactly how it looked like. I even think that with wheezy I still
used KDE3 and KDE3 was fully transitioned to TDE when I moved to Jessie.