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Re: Issues installing 8.10 on IBM x3550M4

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 09:27:34AM -0500, richey goldberg wrote:
> I tried both the text (preferred method) and graphical and I get the
> same thing.     I initially tried installing remotely using the IMM2
> built in KVM.  Thinking that was the issue I connected directly to the
> VGA and I get the same results.
> The servers previously had a 64bit version of Ubuntu on them.
I suspect that you need a special command-line option to pass to the
kernel.  Last year I had to install Debian on an HP server and I had to
pass at least one option to the installer kernel to get the installer to
boot.  If you can still boot the old Ubuntu that is installed on them,
you might want to run 'cat /proc/cmdline' to see how the kernel was
booted.  That might give you a hint as to what you might need to tell
the Debian installer kernel.



Roberto C. Sánchez