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Re: Installing Debian on Chuwi Hi12

>> Now when I boot up the device I get 10 seconds of Android loading
>> graphics before it kicks into Debian. Android was removed months ago.
>> Now if you can give me some guidance as to how to remove the annoying
>> Android graphics .............. 

> hmm, not sure about that one (never dealt with android myself), just to
> make sure, we are not possibly talking about the bios/efi splash screen
> here, the one which e.g. on my laptop shows a lenovo logo for a few
seconds ?


Before Debian I used to get a CHUWI logo and an F7 key would give me a choice of Windows or (X)ubuntu.

Now the CHUWI logo is gone and I get an American Megatrends logo. F7 at this stage gives me a choice between Debian and Android-IA. Selecting Android (long gone) takes me to Debian GRUB boot screen.

If I do not F7 and allow the boot to continue I get a few seconds of the Android robot and a countdown 10 to 0 before the Debian GRUB boot screen appears.

Nothing more than a nuisance really but any thoughts as to how to finally purge Android?