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Thinkpad X220

I have a problem with Linux on my Lenovo Thinkpad X220 and m looking to find anyone who may have had, and solved the problem.

On my installed Debian buster, kernel 4.12.01 presents no problem, but when I updated to 4.13.0 I noticed the fan runs at full speed all the time and the laptop is slow to respond both with and without X.  HTOP shows all four cores as normal (less than 1% usage) and normal memory usage.

I did a diff between .configs and there were some new drivers but they were not used, NVEM was changed from module to in kernel (m to y) and security from DAC to apparmor.

I created and ran the latest Debian install CD onto USB (using as live rather than install), which uses kernel 4.13 and that had the same problem as did a PureOS live cd. I Also tried the latest Kali Linux, with kernel 4.14 and it is still the same.

The laptop runs fine with 4.12.01, but it would be good to know what is wrong.  So before making and playing around with the kernel, I thought I would ask here if anybody has experienced the same problem.

I think it may have started with the update to 4.12.02

Also why wouldn't htop see this activity?

I also have a Thinkpad T410 which is running Sid on 4.14 with no problem.