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Re: at based alarm.

On Sat, 10 Feb 2018, peter@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Given a file named wake containing this script, an alarm can be started with at.
 at -f wake 6:30
How can the xterm be started with std{in,out,err} connected there?

Thanks,     ... Peter E.

By the way, it looks to me that the shell interpreter you invoke


...is not bash, but probably dash. Is it your intent to call bash


I ask about your intent above because this next line...

until [[ $input != "" ]] ; do

...employs the new-fangled Korn shell/Bash conditional test '[[',
instead of the old-fangled test builtin '['.

During a brief search of the dash man page, I didn't find any mention
of '[['. Just '['.

 echo Beginning until loop.
 /usr/bin/play /home/peter/ring.wav
 read -n 1 -t 4 input