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Re: at based alarm.

On Sat, 10 Feb 2018, peter@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Given a file named wake containing this script, an alarm can be started with at.
 at -f wake 6:30
How can the xterm be started with std{in,out,err} connected there?

In the "wake" script, you could start xterm with the -e option (and
put the remainder of your "wake" script in a separate "wake-aux"
script, I guess):

 $ man 1 xterm
     -e program [ arguments ... ]

        This option specifies the program (and its command line
        arguments) to be run in the xterm window.  It also sets the
        window title and icon name to be the basename of the program
        being executed if neither -T nor -n are given on the command

        NOTE: This must be the last option on the command line.

Thanks,     ... Peter E.

until [[ $input != "" ]] ; do
 echo Beginning until loop.
 /usr/bin/play /home/peter/ring.wav
 read -n 1 -t 4 input