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Re: [OT] debian (or debian like) terminal program for android

See as reference, what, John Hasler wrote on 02/10/2018 02:09 PM and 02/10/2018 05:21 PM.

Which raises the question, what is wrong with "Termux" (I'm assuming you meant this when you listed "Terminux", as I can't find anything by that name, but could be wrong in my assumption).

Termux provides a BusyBox based basic environment, with the bash shell, that includes package management tools (pkg, apt) that let you install a large number of basic Linux applications, including Perl, file, ssh/scp, zsh and so on.

I also found, but have not tried, something called "GNURoot WheezyX (xterms), which may be more to your liking.


On 02/10/2018 01:46 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:
| Having such a time trying to google this.  It seems google has been
| dumbed down to the point where +word or "these words" no longer force
| those things to be in the hits.

Can anyone tell me if there is a serious terminal program for android

I mean a full OS and the basic commands.  Especially I'd like to have
ssh and scp among them.

What I've already tried and found lacking:

simple sshd
Material Terminal (Supposed to be an improvement over Terminal
           Emulator  for Android so didn't try that one)