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Re: [OT] debian (or debian like) terminal program for android

On Sat, 10 Feb 2018 16:46:39 -0500
Harry Putnam <reader@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> aside: 
> ,----
> | Having such a time trying to google this.  It seems google has been
> | dumbed down to the point where +word or "these words" no longer force
> | those things to be in the hits.
> `----
> Can anyone tell me if there is a serious terminal program for android
> phones?
> I mean a full OS and the basic commands.  Especially I'd like to have
> ssh and scp among them.
> What I've already tried and found lacking:
> Terminux

I assume you mean termux? Can you explain what, exactly, you found

There's also this: