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Re: [OT] debian (or debian like) terminal program for android

On 02/10/18 14:09, John Hasler wrote:
Harry writes:
Can anyone tell me if there is a serious terminal program for android

I mean a full OS and the basic commands.  Especially I'd like to have
ssh and scp among them.

You don't want a terminal program.  You want a terminal program plus a
shell plus a full set of standard Unix command line programs.


Back in the day, I had a Samsung phone with Android 2.2.1 phone. It definitely had a Linux feel, especially when I installed Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) and Perl (other languages also available):



I suggest looking for an Android developer community and learning what those people do with their Android devices. Along the way, you might want to set up a computer with the Android development tool chain.